Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes dish on all things libraries, movies, books, programs, services, life, and more…in the most random way possible.

After a week off, we're back for a fresh new episode...well at least Tremain is so join me as I give you the highlights of some of the great programs to get involved in this week at your library, some new releases to be on the lookout for including "The Upside," "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," and "Isn't It Romantic," and then share some news stories I found to be interesting.  Plus, I'll dish on a little bit of GOT because it has to be the final episode by next week because Jessica and I will be getting all up in the series finale.

Catch our latest episode, a day late, as we had some technical difficulties the first time we recorded the full show, and had to record it again.  That's how dedicated we are for putting out our weekly show.  In this episode, we're dishing on a few DVD releases to be on the lookout for at your library, some serious struggle bus moments of our own, and we spend a good portion talking about our amazing Friends of the Abilene Public Library with their annual Book Sale coming up and the nominations for the Librarian of the Year Award they're now accepting.  Tune in to catch the latest from your favorite podcasting librarians.

In our latest episode, Tremain & Jessica couldn't start the show off with the most obvious thing to talk about.  No spoilers, but it was an epic weekend with both the release of "Avengers: Endgame" and the third incredible episode of "Game of Thrones."  He saw them, she didn't, no spoilers, just two fans dishing.  We also discuss some would you rather questions, tell you about the releases of "Serenity" and "Miss Bala," dish on great library programs to check out this week, and even discuss a few news stories too.  

Tune into our latest episode where Tremain & Jessica dish on the new DVD release of "Escape Room" to look out for at your library, and then to dish on all things related to the 6th Annual Lib-Con festivities at your Abilene Public Library.  Running Apr. 25-27, we've got an incredible lineup of activities planned for the community so you can come geek out with us and celebrate your favorite fandoms with others.  If you're into anime, manga, comics, movies, TV shows, gaming, and crafts...this is the event for you, all leading up to our annual Cosplay Contest.  Get all of your information by checking out our Lib-Con Page Online!

Catch this extended edition of Squirrels & Shiny Things where your hosts, Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes, dish on movie releases, fun facts about libraries, bridging the technology divide, banned books, and random things about ourselves of course.  This time, we decided not to limit ourselves to an hour, so enjoy a 90-minute show filled with even more fun tales and our own unique commentary.  Thanks for catching the show, and feel free to tell others about us...we're the library staff you wish you heard more of at libraries.

We really went for it in our latest episode.  Join Tremain & Jessica as we discuss one of our undying loves for the manatees, how flying is so much better than running, why we'd suffer paper cuts a thousand times over rather than losing our taste, and more.  Plus, we'll discuss some great library programs to check out this week, some DVD releases to look for checking out at your library, and then some great news stories that certainly had one of us ready to share our opinion.  Tune in each Tuesday for a fresh new episode...enjoy!

In this episode, Tremain & Jessica dish on surviving in the world of American Horror Story and the Walking Dead, dive deep into wanting to be a professional liar or human lie detector, let you in on some great adult programming to check out this week at your library, discuss some great new releases to look out for at your library including "Vice," "Bumblebee," and "The Mule," and then even get into some fun news stories for the week.  It's all things library, just with a fun twist and our random commentary.  Enjoy!

Tune into the latest show where Tremain & Jessica dive into discussing the DVD releases of "Aquaman" and "Second Act," tell you about some great adult events worth attending, library kits for Alzheimer's patients, VR tools for learning, and some insightful responses to some Would You Rather situations in our own unique style.  Great way of getting some insight into libraries, and the random minds of a few people who work there.

From new releases to new downloadable services, being a horrible sport at playing games to time capsules of human history on the moon, we're diving into so many conversations in this latest episode from your Abilene Public Library.  We'll a few programs to be on the lookout for this week, the releases of "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and "Mary Poppins Returns," RB Digital as a new services available to cardholders, and some interesting news stories.  Feel free to visit our official website online or ask us a questions via email at

Call it a full moon that wasn't there or the jumping ahead an hour, but things got silly on this episode of Squirrels & Shiny Things as host Tremain Jackson seemed to be falling apart to the amusement of co-host Jessica Reyes.  Join us as we discuss ailments, the ability to talk to animals, new DVD releases, discovering our heritage, thoughts on the new "Captain Marvel" movie and more.  Feel free to visit the Abilene Public Library online or email if you have any questions.  Enjoy!