Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes dish on all things libraries, movies, books, programs, services, life, and more…in the most random way possible.

Call it a full moon that wasn't there or the jumping ahead an hour, but things got silly on this episode of Squirrels & Shiny Things as host Tremain Jackson seemed to be falling apart to the amusement of co-host Jessica Reyes.  Join us as we discuss ailments, the ability to talk to animals, new DVD releases, discovering our heritage, thoughts on the new "Captain Marvel" movie and more.  Feel free to visit the Abilene Public Library online or email if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

Catch the latest episodes where Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes go deep into battling out on who their favorite superhero is...or at least whose powers we'd like to have.  We'll also discuss upcoming programs like a Container Gardening Workshop and free concert featuring Classical Guitarist Peter Fletcher.  Then stick around as we dish on some popular movie releases including "Instant Family," "Ben is Back," and "Creed II," while finishing it off with a few libraries in the news stories we came across.  Listen and share with others and feel free to visit our website online at or email if you have any questions, comments, etc.

In our latest episode, Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes address their fears by letting you know about our biggest phobias, because let's face it, we've all got them.  Then stick around as we discuss the some great programs to check out later this week, hit on today's DVD releases of "Ralph Breaks the Internet," "The Possession of Hannah Grace," and "Mary, Queen of Scots," then talk about some great news stories involving libraries helping to bridge the digital divide and offering ESL classes to residents.  This and more on our latest show where we keep everything fun and random at all times.  Feel free to visit the Abilene Public Library online to check out who we are and to follow us on our other social media platforms, and if you have any questions, feel free to email Tremain Jackson at

Jessica Reyes is back, teaming up with Tremain Jackson for a fresh new episode.  With one of us coming off of the flu and the other not feeling well, we made it through our next podcast to discuss upcoming library programming, the struggles of kimchi and names, discussing the latest movie releases of "A Star is Born," "Robin Hood," and "Overlord," touching on James Patterson's latest titled "The Chef," some recent news stories, and more random topics as only we can share them.  Tune and enjoy and be sure to visit our main website at to find all of our social media platform, and feel free to email us at as we'd love to know what you think or hear your questions.

In this week's episode, Tremain Jackson is flying solo and giving you coverage of a wide range or topics including some great library programming, knowing how to fight and flee from surprise attacks, librarians in dangerous situations, new DVD releases, upcoming movie releases, and the wonderful world of Hoopla.  Tune in to half of the Squirrels & Shiny Things team and we'll be back next week in full force!

In our latest episode, join Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes as we address the struggles of using public restrooms, trying to re-create the perfect sauce, highlight some great library programming coming up this week, let you know what we think about the DVD releases of "The Grinch" and "Widows," and so much more.  Laugh with us as we delve into our world of Squirrels & Shiny Things for the week.

The Abilene Public Library is back with a brand new weekly podcast led by your Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes, your Technology Department staff at the library.  Join us as we show you a different side of library employees as we dish on library topics, news, ourselves, and more in our completely random way.  It's Squirrel & Shiny never know where the conversation may lead.