Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes dish on all things libraries, movies, books, programs, services, life, and more…in the most random way possible.

We're back with a fresh new episode and do we have some tea to spill.  Tremain let's you in on what his idea of heaven will look like while Jessica is going through some parenting issues of the furry variety.  We'll then tell you about some great programs to be on the lookout for the rest of the week before then getting sucked into scenes from movies that make us cry including "Titanic" for Jessica and "The Impossible" for Tremain, then "The Neverending Story" for both of us.

We then get back on topic by telling you about the releases of two DVD this week including "Pete Semetary" and "Little," then we'll discuss some news topics including an article that ranks the top 10 Stephen King book-to-film adaptations as well as how Melvil Dewey is coming under some scrutiny.  Plus, you know we'll always share the information with our own personal spin.

Thanks for listening, share with others, and tune in each week for a fresh new episode.

Welcome to the latest episode of Squirrels & Shiny Things, hosted by Tremain Jackson (Jessica Reyes will be back next week) to discuss library events to attend, new releases to checkout, and library news of course.  In today's show, you'll be informed of our holiday closings for the week and some great youth programming to be on the lookout for.  Then learn about applying for low-interest federal loans for disaster relief by the U.S. Small Business Administration for those affected by recent storms; you'll hear about the releases of the DVD's "The Best of Enemies" and "The Public," dive into some great news articles concerning libraries, and even learn more about how far we've come with technology, the Internet, and helping beginning users discover how to use it on best.

Tremain Jackson is coming at you with another episode where he's dishing on another week of library topics.  In this week's show we're telling you about some great library programming you can attend this week; how one woman went to sleep on a flight and woke up in a literal nightmare; how you can stream TV shows and movies legal and free on Crackle, Pluto TV, and Tubi; the release of "Dumbo" to DVD; the success of Little Free Pantries in the U.S., how Harry Potter has been turned into the next Pokemon Go game, and how fans of the Hunger Games can travel once more to Panem in a prequel to the series set 64 years before the events of the first book, and more.  Lots to cover this day so settle in for an hour of talking fun!

It's time for a new episode where things really took a turn as we brought back the struggle bus to tell you about our moments with car claustrophobia, click beetles that attack, reparations for slavery, and getting the meat sweats.

We'll then let you in on some quirky news including a man who's seen the Avengers: Endgame so much that he wants to set a world record, and a temporary job to be an official BBQ taster for Reynolds Wrap.

We'll have some new movie releases to cover including "Us," "Wonder Park," and "Hotel Mumbai," and then swing into some interesting news stories we decided to share.

Don't forget to have fun with us, where each new show offers you something to smile and laugh about, as we certainly don't take each other as seriously when the mics are hot.

Tremain & Jessica are back for another fun episode filled with tons of things we want to talk to you about.  Join us as we discuss how Avengers: Endgame has ruined movie experiences for us by setting the bar too high for other movies to follow.  

We'll also hit on some quirky news, discuss some great library programming to get involved in this week including the 30th Annual Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale, and the new Maker Kits available at your Main Library to teach you some new hobbies.  

Then we'll dish on some great DVD releases to be on the lookout for at your library including "Captain Marvel," "Five Feet Apart," and "Captive State."  Then this will take us to some great news stories we've selected for the week including a couple BuzzFeed articles about some cool things libraries offer, and a librarian who uses her skills to fight crime.

Catch it all in our latest episode, including our own colorful thoughts and commentary along the way.

Tremain & Jessica are back for another episode and we're dishing on some great library programs to attend this week, the releases of "Madea Family Funeral" and "Gloria Bell," and some great news stories to help your kids avoid the summer slide when it comes to reading and some of the latest books that you should add to your summer reading list as adults.  We've also added a new segment called Quick & Quirky News to share some short news stories that are funny or odd.  Catch a new show each week and feel free to let others know about us!

Tune into the latest episode where Tremain Jackson & Jessica Reyes are dishing on Game of Thrones.  Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the last episode of the series, you might want to skip the first 20 minutes of the show.  But then we'll hit up on other fantasy epics, a new release for the day, great programming coming your way, the start of the Summer Reading Clubs, the Summer Feeding Program at your library for youth, and then touch on some news stories as well.  A lot packed into this episode...even though our brains might have been on holiday at parts.  Hope you enjoy!

After a week off, we're back for a fresh new episode...well at least Tremain is so join me as I give you the highlights of some of the great programs to get involved in this week at your library, some new releases to be on the lookout for including "The Upside," "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," and "Isn't It Romantic," and then share some news stories I found to be interesting.  Plus, I'll dish on a little bit of GOT because it has to be the final episode by next week because Jessica and I will be getting all up in the series finale.

Catch our latest episode, a day late, as we had some technical difficulties the first time we recorded the full show, and had to record it again.  That's how dedicated we are for putting out our weekly show.  In this episode, we're dishing on a few DVD releases to be on the lookout for at your library, some serious struggle bus moments of our own, and we spend a good portion talking about our amazing Friends of the Abilene Public Library with their annual Book Sale coming up and the nominations for the Librarian of the Year Award they're now accepting.  Tune in to catch the latest from your favorite podcasting librarians.

In our latest episode, Tremain & Jessica couldn't start the show off with the most obvious thing to talk about.  No spoilers, but it was an epic weekend with both the release of "Avengers: Endgame" and the third incredible episode of "Game of Thrones."  He saw them, she didn't, no spoilers, just two fans dishing.  We also discuss some would you rather questions, tell you about the releases of "Serenity" and "Miss Bala," dish on great library programs to check out this week, and even discuss a few news stories too.